Irish Farm Film Producers Group

A little background on who we are

The Irish Farm Film Producers Group (IFFPG) is the national farm plastics recycling compliance scheme.

Our role is to provide cost effective compliance to our members (companies that place farm film products on the market) and a comprehensive recycling service for farmers nationwide to ensure that we exceed national recycling targets as set by the government.

We do this by operating approximately 235 bring-centres annually, as well as providing a farmyard collection service.

We are currently recycling 35,000-37,000 tonnes of farm plastics annually, which equates to a recycling rate of 88-90%. We are a not for profit body, which is primarily funded by a recycling levy that we charge to our members.

We receive additional funding through a weight based collection charge that farmers pay.

Liam Moloney

General Manager

Liam is General Manager of IFFPG since joining the scheme in 2007. As such, he is responsible for managing all operational matters relating to IFFPG, as well as reporting to the board of the scheme.

Previously Liam worked for a range of state and private companies in the area of waste management and compliance.

Liam has a Masters in Water Science & Technology from Trinity College and a Degree in Environmental Science from the University of North London.

Stephen Crampton

Compliance Officer


Steve joined IFFPG in 2012 as its first Compliance Officer.

The role primarily involves assisting local authorities in enforcing the Farm Plastics Regulations to ensure that all suppliers of farm film are paying the recycling levy, as well as also looking after internal compliance matters.

Steve previously worked for a range of environmental consultancies after been awarded a Degree in Environmental Science from NUIG in 2006.

Kieran O’Gorman

IFFPG Officer

Kieran is mainly responsible for co-ordinating the scheme’s bring-centre programme, as well as supplying non-silage plastics to recycling facilities.

Kieran joined IFFPG in 2006, having previously received a Degree in Applied Environmental Science from UCD.

Pamela McEvoy

Recycling Co-ordinator

Pamela, who is with IFFPG since 2006, is principally responsible for supplying silage plastics waste to recycling facilities in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe.

In the case of material that is exported for recycling, Pamela ensures that IFFPG complies with stringent national trans frontier shipment legislation.

Pamela is also largely responsible for managing the day to day accounts of the scheme.

Our Board

IFFPG has a board which is representative of all our stakeholders. It is comprised of 6 directors representing the farm film trade and 2 directors representing farmers. There are also 2 independent directors on the board. Tom Dunne is the board’s independent chairperson.

Tom Dunne


Deirdre Ryan

Manufacturing – Signode Packaging Ireland Ltd

Jerry O’Brien

Manufacturing – RPC bpi indupac

Gavin McCarthy

Distributor – Zeus Packaging Ltd

Mike Murphy

Distributor – TAMA

Ken Daly

Retailer / Cooperative – Kerry Agribusiness Ltd.

Michael Burke

Retailer / Cooperative – Grennans

Geraldine O’Sullivane

Farming – IFA

Paul O’Brien

Farming – IFA




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